One Surgeon, multiple workplaces – why diversify?

Do you identify with the frustrations of maintaining the same job, at the same workplace, under the same hierarchy, for many years: vicious cycles, scarce support to progress, stagnation, loss of motivation, saturation…?

Different workplaces promote fulfilment of various facets: one boosts adrenalin and provides quick gratification through immediately consequent interventions; another requires intelectual exercise, problem solving, dedication; another implies proximity, familiarity; yet another lives off teamwork and multidisciplinarity. Multifaceted fulfilment, at one longlasting workplace, is undermined by the concentrated toll of negative experiences.

Exercising multiple functions dilutes dissatisfaction: troubles vary, are distributed, and therefore more easily tolerated; better mood, performance and satisfaction follow.

A monotony free routine liberates: mitigation of feelings of obligation and dependence dynamize and stimulate.

Being out and about decompresses: moving from one place to another and observing city life, a meal with the family or physical activity between tasks, are vitamin D-generating healthy habits outside office cubicles.

The Surgeon who has time for patients, for family and for himself does not fit the stereotype but fulfilment, however, naturally translates into a more accessible and professional individual.