Intro – part 2

The second main aim of this blog is to complement the experience of the Medical Appointment. The verbal forwarding of information therein, to empower the patient towards treatment, tends to be insufficient: the content maybe vast, new or non-intuitive; it may exceed the capacity of memorization or benefit from being reviewed and redigested. This site will progressively provide a small library of pertinent information, accessible to patients, according to pathology.

Additionally, due distance not forsaking, proximity between the patient and his doctor is promoted, allowing the former to contact the latter free of intermediation.

Finally, and before you ask, why greek for “surgeon”? Well, because “” would simply be rather boring! Because “surgeon” stems, ultimately, from “χειρουργός” which both looks and sounds elegant. And because there is a true “χειρουργός” who reminds me of surgical adventures and the good old days!